Jazzy regales Lions members

September 10, 2016

Jazzy Burke with Lions President Stephen Kelly

The Benalla Lions Club September Guest Speaker was Benalla’s Leo Jazzy Burke.

Jazzy studies at FCJ College.

She and fellow students recently took part in a trip to Japan.

On arrival they stayed with the host family of Hana Kauzuma.

Hana is coming to Benalla next year.

The sister school was Sacred Heart School.

The family home was lovely and the language and food very different.

They went to bed late and got up early. Breakfast often consisted of a buffet of smoked salmon, meats, rice and vegetables.

They were taken on trips around the country.

They caught a 6am train to get to school.

There were kneeling tea ceremonies and a sports day included walking on stilts.

They travelled up Sky Tower to look out over Tokyo. The city was covered in smog.

Also there was a trip on the Bullet Train at 320km/hour going around Japan.

They saw castles, gardens, orange Tori gates, the Mountain Monkey Park and a Bamboo forest.

At Hiroshima they went to the Museum and saw the damaged city.

Miyajima Ropeway was a Gondola Pass way above the city with very busy streets, beaches and the very interesting Japanese culture.

Jazzy showed some wonderful pictures during her talk. This was much enjoyed by Lions members.

What a wonderful experience.

Jazzy was thanked by Lions President Stephen Kelly and and presented with a certificate of appreciation.

— Lion Tricia Veale

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