Children are the future

September 15, 2016

FCJ College students form a 'White Ribbon'

Students and staff at Benalla’s FCJ College last week formed a human ‘‘White Ribbon’’, symbolising their support for the campaign against male violence against women.

Benalla’s White Ribbon Ambassador Neil Stott spoke at the morning assembly.

Below are some excerpts of his speech.

‘‘I know that in this community there are children in lots of families who are affected by family violence.

‘‘I know that the future and how we can change that is through you.

‘‘We are not trapped by the statistics of the past because young people like you can set a new future for the community.

‘‘You can set a future which is based on respect, set a future on courage and speaking out and challenging bad behaviour wherever you might see it.

‘‘You can set a future where you support one another.

‘‘If you know someone going through difficult times, if they are in a family suffering from family violence, that you stand beside them and support them on their journey and their families, too.

‘‘I want to commend you for what you are doing here and what you plan to do in the future.

‘‘FCJ College Benalla is a key part of White Ribbon movement in Benalla.

‘‘And we look to you as part of the future as we do with our other partners, Benalla P-12, that the future is in our children.

‘‘We hope that through our messages of continuing to educate the community and motivate you to actually challenge behaviour and work towards respect to each other, we can make a real difference.’’

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