Migrant camp history to aid learning

October 10, 2016

FCJ College Principal, Joanne Rock accepts the books from Sophie Arendt (nee Golonski) who lived at the Benalla Migrant Camp

The Benalla Migrant Camp Exhibition team has donated two books about the history of Benalla Migrant Camp, written by well known post-World War II migration historian Dr Bruce Pennay, to the FCJ College library.

FCJ College had a strong connection with Benalla Migrant Camp, as many migrant children went there in the late 1940s and throughout the 1950 and 60s.

‘‘Despite this being a gift of relatively small value, we hope students use the books for research when they learn about local history,’’ Sabine Smyth, who organised the donation, said.

‘‘The influx of European migrants to Benalla after the Second World War is one of several important phases in Benalla’s history and it is a really fascinating story.

‘‘The story of the camp is also associated with themes that can be studied at school, such as refugees and multi-culturalism in Australia.’’

FCJ College principal Joanne Rock was pleased to accept the books on behalf of the college community.

‘‘The books will promote the use of the Benalla Migrant Camp site to enhance students’ understanding of its significance not only to the Benalla district but to the wider Australian community,’’ Ms Rock said.

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