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October 28, 2016

Dads must be proud

Two of Benalla’s former champion Ovens and Murray footballers — Ken Cousins and James Ronke — would be proud of their sons’ achievements this past weekend when each won their club’s TAC best-and-fairest awards.

James Cousins won the best and fairest for the Bushrangers’ under-18s by 11 votes, with some excellent games in the centre as well as playing two great matches for Richmond’s seniors in the VFL.

Ben Ronke won the Calder Cannons’ under-18s best and fairest by 14 votes, playing as a small forward.

He also played two matches with Coburg Seniors in the VFL and acquitted himself with distinction.

Both players are now eligible for this year’s AFL draft.

We wish them well in their pursuits.

— John Ronke, Benalla

Students impress seniors

Congratulations goes to the teachers and students at Waller St Primary School.

They sure know how to impress seniors with food as well as looking after the vegie patch.

Talking with some of the students, they are so proud of their garden and using the produce for morning tea. It was really scrumptious and yummy.

They enjoyed making if even if they don’t know the name of the white stuff (coconut). Keep up the good work.

— Mary Thiele, Benalla

Group does good work

In last week’s Ensign, your correspondent P. Carter aired his opinions about Benalla Sustainable Future Group even though he has never had any contact with our group.

His derogatory opinion of groups such as Benalla Sustainable Future Group is not reflected in the wider Benalla community who attend activities that we organise in considerable numbers.

Last week 90 people attended a community forum organised by Benalla Sustainable Future Group, with the support of the Benalla council, to discuss a renewable energy future for Benalla.

Those attending the forum heard that community renewable energy projects strengthen local economies by developing renewable energy industries, providing jobs and training, and keeping the financial benefits within the local community.

Other forums we have conducted, particularly the sustainable housing forums, have also been well attended by the Benalla community.

These activities are supported by council which obviously believes that Benalla Sustainable Future Group is a highly relevant group which is addressing the reality of dangerous climate change, and helping council to meet a number of its policy objectives as outlined in the Council Plan, the Environment Strategy and the Climate Change Adaptation Action Plan.

— John Lloyd, president, Benalla Sustainable Future Group

Where is the value?

In a consumption-based economy wealth is created by adding value to a product or service.

How much wealth does gambling create?

All it does is transfer money between pockets.

If Chinese high-rollers gamble in Australian-owned venues, they might return some of the wealth they have gained by taking our jobs offshore.

Perhaps this matter should be addressed in Free Trade Agreements such as ChAFTA?

— Alan Cotterell, Benalla

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