Festive flair with hay

December 21, 2016

Christmas cheer: Robert and Sarah Hawthorn have created a giant hay bale Christmas tree on thier property to put a smile on people's faces.

One large Christmas tree sits in the middle of a Strathmerton paddock, but there’s something unusual about it — it’s made completely from hay bales.

Creators Robert and Sarah Hawthorn said it was something they decided to do it to put smiles on faces and show a bit of Christmas spirit.

‘‘With the dairy crisis, things haven’t been so great, so I just wanted to do something for the kids, and cheer them up when they’re driving past on the school bus,’’ Mr Hawthorn said.

‘‘It was really just a spur of the moment thing.’’

Mr Hawthorn said his previous Christmas decorating was well renowned among family and friends.

‘‘I used to wrap up my Christmas tree every year then just cut it off at Christmas time,’’ he said.

‘‘Everyone joked about my two-minute Christmas tree, but this one has just a bit more effort.’’

While Mr Hawthorn is a truck driver, they have a few beef cattle on their property and cut hay on their paddocks for feed.

When he saw the round bales stacked, he thought it was perfect for a Christmas tree.

It took a few days for Mr Hawthorn and wife Sarah to complete the project, with the tree painted in green cow paint, which Mr Hawthorn said could be washed off and the hay could be re-used for calf bedding.

He said the couple then painted the decorations on, with yellow paint substituting for tinsel, and decorated the tree with some solar lights and placed rectangular bales at the bottom of the tree, painted as Christmas presents.

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