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January 14, 2017

After 10 successful years, U3A Astronomy has changed its name to Exploring the Universe to better reflect all the current and past space discoveries, which are being found with wonderful new and innovative equipment.

The scope of the program we are able to offer is much broader now with publicity of new discoveries in space and up-to-date information on the internet via international space agencies and many other sources.

We will still be offering basic astronomy, but covering so much more.

There are so many extra facets associated with astronomy.

Advanced technologies are giving us a whole new perspective of the universe.

Powerful telescopes with cameras return brilliant images, revealing billions of galaxies, star-breeding clouds of gas, weird new planets, some in the habitable zones, allowing us to look back as the universe is unfolding.

Today the sky is not the limit; we reach beyond the known stars, going back in time to try to discover the origins of the universe and the building blocks of life.

When you present all this, discussions inevitably follow.

Have you ever wondered ‘‘what’s out there?’’ Why not join us?

Beginners, intermediates, anyone; the only requirements are an enquiring mind and enthusiasm.

The program runs for two hours each month.

Another of our programs is lifeball, which is held weekly at the Indoor Recreation Centre, Ackerley Ave.

This is a game, played at walking pace, adapted from basketball and suitable for all ages and abilities. It has regular and enthusiastic participants.

For those who think that competitive sport is now beyond them, this is the game for you.

This great activity provides a safe game for retirees supplying our three main development needs, physical, mental, and social interaction.

Anyone interested in taking on this game is welcome to join at any time throughout the year.

Participants have so much fun during games that they think if could be called ‘‘laughball’’.

These programs are just two of the many and varied programs U3A Benalla has on offer.

●Information about these and other programs will be available at our enrolment days in January and on our website

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