Climate topics to be discussed

February 10, 2017

The human impact on our planet has, in recent times, become the concern of governments and ordinary people worldwide and has resulted in many questions about the sustainability of our present lifestyle.

This course aims to explore topics, such as global warming and climate change, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, clean-energy options, the challenge of population growth, sustainable agricultural practices, water use, sustainable use of resources, sustainable and energy-efficient building design and various economic and lifestyle issues.

Recently the politics of climate change has been the focus of much discussion in the media and has become the focus of our discussions at such times.

Our sessions during the year will examine different aspects of these major topics with a focus on looking towards a sustainable future.

Towards a Sustainable Future meets in Room W4 at the Flexible Learning Centre on the first and third Friday of the month from 9.30am to 11.30am.

No prior knowledge of these topics is required, just a general interest in the issues around climate change and sustainability.

With discussion of these topics throughout the year you will find that you become better informed about these issues.

‚óŹMore information is available from John Lloyd on 57652476 or via email

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