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March 17, 2017

FCJ student Tymicka Pierce at the Indigenous Australian Engineering Summer School at the University of Sydney, which included factory visits.

Tymicka receiving her certificate and scholarship funds.

In January, FCJ College Year 11 student Tymicka Pierce attended an Indigenous Australian Engineering Summer School at the University of Sydney.

This is an initiative by Engineering Aid Australia whereby they encourage and help students stay at high school and complete Year 12 by providing a Continuing School Scholarship Award for students in years 10, 11 and 12.

Tymicka’s report:

My coordinator asked if I was interested in applying for a Summer School for a week in Sydney run by Sydney University, which focussed on engineering.

I thought to myself, I would give it a go and see what happens (I had the mindset that these opportunities don’t happen to me).

A couple of weeks later my mother found out that I got accepted and that’s where it all began and off to Sydney I went.

It was a busy week, waking up at 5am-6am every morning and going back to our rooms at 10.30pm every night.

There were 23 students from mainly the east side of Australia, 10 females and 13 males.

Some of the activities that we did were site visits to different companies looking at their projects, activities that involved teamwork, presentations from professionals and there were also extra activities.

We went rock climbing, looked behind the scenes in the Sydney Opera House and also got to do the Sydney Harbour Bridge climb.

It was also interesting as we got a taste of the life at university.

We were given talks about scholarship opportunities, how university works and what to do to prepare for university.

On the last night in Sydney, we went out to the Parliament House of Sydney to be presented with awards and scholarships.

At the dinner, there were more than 200 people attending as it was the 20th anniversary of the program.

Each student that was accepted to attend the program received $300 to go towards our education and the females attending received another $180 as this was the founder’s family’s request to do so when he died.

The founder had a passion to support Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander women.

There is also another opportunity to apply for a scholarship valued for $3000, which would go towards university fees if I were to undertake an engineering course at university.

Overall, it was an amazing experience and definitely one I will remember forever, I met amazing students from across Australia and cannot wait to discover more opportunities that exist out there.

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